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[Twitter] 120317 SHINee mentioned in SM Choreographer’s Tweet 8:25PMKST

Credits : MelonDJ, NINGZzhi via shineetown


Jonghyun twitter update @ 12:58PM KST 120313

@realjonghyun90: 우리 앨범을 씹고 뜯고 맛보고 즐길 여러분의 표정을 예상한다면….아 가슴이 셜록셜록하네….

[Trans] @realjonghyun90: When I think about your faces after chewing, ripping, tasting and enjoying our album… Ah my heart is going Sherlock-Sherlock

Picture Translation: Oh my! I have to buy this!

Source: @realjonghyun90 twitter | translation credit: @shiningtweets

[Twitter] Jonghyun twitter update @ 10:26AM KST

@realjonghyun90 : 뭐라구?!티져가 야하다구?!

[Trans] @realjonghyun90: What did you say?! My teaser is too sexual?!
Picture translation: Listen carefully!! Perversion is in your heart.

Source: @realjonghyun90 twitter | Translation credit: @shiningtweets

[Twitter] Jonghyun Twitter Update @ 2:41PM KST 120311

@realjonghyun90 충격적인 이야기를 들었다 다정작가는 나보다 동생이었다 미안해 동생 그래도 닭찌찌 샐러드는 알려줄거지?

Trans: I’ve heard shocking news. Author Dajung is a dongsaeng to me. I’m sorry, dongsaeng. But you’re still going to tell me how to make a chicken breast salad, right?

Picture Trans: It’s shock and fear

Source: @realjonghyun90 | Translation Credit: @shiningtweets

[Twitter] Jonghyun Update Twitter @ 2:23PM KST 120311

@realjonghyun90 이만화 너무재밌다 나 출연시켜주세요 다정누나 뿌잉쀼잉 그런데 나오는 요리를 따라하기엔 판이 너무 커여 간단한 다이어트 닭찌찌살 샐러드 같은거도 요리법두 알려주세여

Trans : This comic is really fun. Please let me be on this too, Dajung noona. Bbuing bbuing. But the servings are too big for me to follow the recipes. Teach me how to make a simple diet meal like chicken breast salad

Source: @realjonghyun90 | Translation credit: @shiningtweets

[Twitter/Trans] Jonghyun Twitter Update @ 1:27pmkst 120308

Because of the SHINee comeback news, Shawols cried… SHINee cried… Jung Kyungmi nuna cried too…

Picture translation: I love you, SHINee (T/N: Jung Kyungmi is a comedian and the picture is from the show Gag Concert.)

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation Credit: shiningtweets | Via: Forever_SHINee

[Twitter] Jonghyun Change His Avatar 120308

Source and Credit: @realjonghyun90
I don’t think it’s Roo,