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[Twitter] Miscellaneous Salamander Guru 3 Photos

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120127 Salamander Guru and The Shadow Operation Team EP.01 (Full/NO Eng Sub)

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[Video] Minho Cut – Salamander 120127

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[Trans] 120116 Salamander Guru & The Shadows Press Conference

Q : Self Introduction

Hello I am Minho. I am playing the role of a genius hacker in “Salamander Guru & The Shadows”. Please take care of me much (s/n : A courteous way to ask for guidance)

Q : Why did you choose this drama?

Similarly (to the female actress), I picked this drama because of the good story plot and the great director. But most importantly, I chose it because I am able to work alongside with outstanding seniors. Instead of saying that I chose this drama, I actually persisted on requesting to act in this show. In addtion, I received much help during the filming process. Seniors gave me a lot of advice and this really made me happy. This is the beginning and I feel I have done well with my first step. In the future, I will put in my best to bring good works to everybody.

Q : You must have faced some sort of pressure during your venture into acting. Your role in the drama is a genius hacker, so did you find any resemblance to your daily life that helped you in your acting?

This is my first time trying out to act a sitcom since I debute as a singer hence I am really glad to land upon such great role. Rather than saying I felt pressure, I feel that I should do away with it to perform better. In addition, I am really happy that I can be of help to our four members (S/N : I am not sure if he is referring to the cast or SHINee). I also wish that I would be able to present different sides of me through more works.

In addition, since I am potraying the role as a genius hacker, one that is very skilled with computers – but luckily since young, I will use the computer to play games and surf the web hence I did not meet any great difficulties, there was nothing specific that I had to train myself to do. Furthermore, Smartphones have been really popular right? There are many scenes that deals with smartphones – there hasnt been much difficulties faced. My usual self should have helped me a lot during the filming process

Q : Did your members give you any advice or opinions?

When I am filming, other members have other activities. The other case is when I am the only one with activities, they would ask me “Are you tired?”. I would reply that “It is quite cold actually, really tiring”. When I am exhausted and have returned back to our dorm, they will tell me “It is indeed tiring!” (S/N : in other words : “You have worked hard!”) and they frequently cheer on for me. They would also joke around and say “Do you want me/us to buy anything you like to eat?” and also help me. Members to me, are a source of energy.

To add on, because we live together, we always hang out together – this is a source of energy (support). I am sure that I will have more energy (to perform better) when I have activities with my members. Also, I am really curious what opinions other members would give after the sitcom has ended

Q : SHINee’s Minho must be really busy with all the schedules. So how do you keep up your stamina and energy?

Because I really like to exercise, I will exercise whenever I have free time. Sleep wise, I believe having long sleep time can help people replenish energy

Q : Yes, so we have another question for Minho

Along with Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung beside you, and other actors, how do you feel about seniors acting?

No matter what, as a man, young teenager, female’s stamina are typically not as good as a male. However, when senior (Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung) was acting, she is full of vitality. Upon seeing that, I feel that I should work even harder. Another thing that touched me was that, even though I had not much experienece in acting, I will watch the other seniors act and “ahh~ so this is how acting is done” and because of that, I have learnt much. Another surprising this is that everyone is immersed in their own role. So I learnt “You should act in this way when you are playing this character” – so in the end I thought of how I want to potray my role. I learnt so much

Q : Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung, what do you think aboutMinho’s opinion (S/N : cannot be heard clearly)

Minho-ah, he’s really a fine (gentleman). He’s really well-mannered, he is really respectful in front of senior. Really good. What surprised me the most is that he is really friendly. I never thought he can be like that at this age… and his passion for acting.. really excellent.

Q : Please look at the camera (Request to) Let SHINee cameo/ visit the set (S/N : not sure)

 (Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung) : Are you referring toMinho? *laughs* SHINee members, please come and play, visit us to make our set more heartwarming. Fighting!

Q : Any interesting events that happened during filming?

 I heard that Minho really likes (respect) Oh Dal-Su.. so I thought he likes.. but turns out that he really really really likes him. He would mimic senior’s way of talking, actions and even expressions. And he would even perform it in front of him. He is a true fan of Oh Dal-Su. It is really interesting – this brought a lot of energy (motivation/joy) to our set.

Q : This is really interesting.. able to motivate the scene.. giving lots of energy for other casts. Please show it to us too to give us energy!

 *Laughs* It has not been completed yet. Oh Dal-Su will check everyday and comment that it is still far from it. I don’t think it would differ much after the show has been aired. No matter what, I will show it everyone eventually.

Q : So we will anticipate your imitation. Now we will hear Oh Dal-Su’s voice. (asking Minho to perform)

 *laughs* It’s still far from it (the actual voice). Once I am able to get more than 50% accuracy then I will show it to everyone

Q : Ah yes, what a pity. We hope the audience can wait a while more to anticipate the full-form of Oh Dal-Su Senior imitation. Please continue working hard! We will now continue the interview. Even though he is not here,  Lee Byung-Joon works really hard in his outfit. Just by looking at the teaser, we find it really interesting

It is a pity that Lee Byung-Joon is not here. To think of it, Lee Byung-Joon should be  the most serious (when it comes to acting). He gave a good performance in acting as a mentally-retarded guru. When we are sitting at the corner, we can really feel that senior has really gone mad.. really enthusiastic. And also, when we are tired, he will crack up some jokes to make us laugh. To add on, his retarded character brought a lot of joy to us.. his walking posture is really believeable


Kor-Chi Translation : MINHOney

Chi-Eng Translation + Transcript : soundtracklove@soompi

[Fanphoto] Minho “Running Man”

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