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[120316] SHINee For Ceci

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[Pict] Jonghyun and Taemin Selca @ Sherlock MV Behind The Scene

샤이니 종현이 전해준 셀카 공개!!

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Taemin dancing to ‘Sherlock’ Sherlock FT JongKey •셜록 (Clue+ Note)_태민의 깜짝 안무 공개 –

Taemin: Hello, i’m SHINee’s Taemin. What i’m going to show you today is in our song Sherlock, which has a point, it’s gonna be really short so it will be good if everyone watches it well! /looks around/ who would help me film it?

Jonghyun: “i’ll film it for you!”

Taemin: “oh, thank you!”.

Jonghyun :” can you see? is it coming out well?.

Taemin: “is it coming out well??”

Jonghyun : “it is! look at it! oh wait!! (key appears) oh key-goon suddenly!! oh show it to us!”

Taemin : “it’s a mix of two songs, clue and note”

(Taemin dances)

Taemin: can i do it again /laughs/.

Jonghyun: “ok do it again! let’s start again!”

(key appears with taemin and dances)

Taemin: “we will reveal it until here!!”

Jonghyun:”until here?? ahh i understand, deng deng deng deng!”

Taemin: “if you wanna see more watch the music video!!”

(at the side) Jonghyun: “deng deng deng deng deng”

Taemin: “like this, taemin danced today as well!”

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SHINee’s Jonghyun writes a special song for his fans on “Sherlock”

SHINee‘s long awaited “Sherlock” album will soon be unveiled worldwide next week, and the patience of fans have been being satiated little by little with new teasers like image concepts and a highlight medley.

The group comes bearing more news today, as it’s been revealed that the album also contains a very special song written by Jonghyun for his fans! Titled “Always In the Same Spot“, the song is about the gratitude he feels towards his fans for their unchanging love and support.

Jonghyun and Minho also participated in the lyrics for “Alarm Clock“, which will surely be another special song for their fans.

As reported previously, the boys will be making their stage comeback on March 22nd on ‘M! Countdown‘ after the worldwide release of their album on the 19th.

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SHINee “SHERLOCK” Highlight Medley

Sherlock,’ the title song of SHINee’s 4th mini album, is the definitive edition of the so-called hybrid remix, which mixes two independent songs into a new song. It will present a unique charm by making one feel like watching a musical and reveal the distinctive music color of SHINee, a contemporary band, who has been recognized for their fresh and experimental music and performances.
Especially, the lyrics tell the story of Sherlock, who solves a criminal case by combining the rational clue ‘Clue’ and intuitive ‘Note.’ Therefore, the song gives a smart charm by connecting the lyrics of the two different songs flawlessly into a piece.
Since the two songs ‘Clue’ and ‘Note,’ which make up ‘Sherlock,’ will also be included in the album and let listeners compare the hybrid remix version of ‘Sherlock’ and its original version, it is expected that the album will receive an explosive response from music fans.
Moreover, all the 7 songs in the mini album will be released worldwide on March 19th through Korean music websites and iTunes and the album ‘Sherlock’ will be available in stores from March 21st.

[Video] Jonghyun Singing Highlight of “Sherlock”

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16일 하이라이트 메들리 공개 전에 지금 종현이가 셜록의 한 소절을 들려드립니다.

Here is Jonghyun singing highlight of ‘Sherlock•셜록 (Clue+ Note).’ The medley highlighting all the tracks from the new mini album ‘Sherlock’ will be released on March 16th (Seoul Time).