Subbing SHINee

K-shawols are planning to make SHINee Sherlock a hot search word by using Korean main portal sites at the same time. This info is from shakizi.

# 16th Fri. midnight KRT: at naver for 20 minutes and then at nate for 10 minutes
17th Sat. 9 pm KRT: at naver for 20 min. and then at nate for 10 min.
18th Sun. 9 pm KRT:  at naver for 20 min. and then at nate for 10 min.

Calculate what time it is in your local time. K-shawols decided not to do search at daum. I don’t know why. They want to do it for 30 min.

#Type in (or copy & paste) (!Edit: search word changed to) 샤이니셜록 at the search box on the top of the three main portal sites: Naver (, Daum (, and nate (

#You must remove cookie after every search. There is an easy way…

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Sherlock•셜록 (Clue+ Note)_키가 보내는 메시지(Message from Key)

[Trans] Hi everyone, im SHINee’s Key! In a littl while more, SHINee’s digital music will be released! You are really looking forward to it right? So am I! erm, yeps, please listen to it a lot, as it is a new experimental genre~ Bye~
Translation cre: @venessa_chun

[120316] SHINee For Ceci

Source and Credit: Taemin(SHINee) Russia Facebook