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“MAXSTEP” music video will be released at October 31st.

Credit: SMTOWN


[Video/1080p] 120317 Taemin – Immortal Song 2 cut (Full)

[Pict] Jonghyun and Taemin Selca @ Sherlock MV Behind The Scene

샤이니 종현이 전해준 셀카 공개!!

Source: MelonDj Facebook

Taemin dancing to ‘Sherlock’ Sherlock FT JongKey •셜록 (Clue+ Note)_태민의 깜짝 안무 공개 –

Taemin: Hello, i’m SHINee’s Taemin. What i’m going to show you today is in our song Sherlock, which has a point, it’s gonna be really short so it will be good if everyone watches it well! /looks around/ who would help me film it?

Jonghyun: “i’ll film it for you!”

Taemin: “oh, thank you!”.

Jonghyun :” can you see? is it coming out well?.

Taemin: “is it coming out well??”

Jonghyun : “it is! look at it! oh wait!! (key appears) oh key-goon suddenly!! oh show it to us!”

Taemin : “it’s a mix of two songs, clue and note”

(Taemin dances)

Taemin: can i do it again /laughs/.

Jonghyun: “ok do it again! let’s start again!”

(key appears with taemin and dances)

Taemin: “we will reveal it until here!!”

Jonghyun:”until here?? ahh i understand, deng deng deng deng!”

Taemin: “if you wanna see more watch the music video!!”

(at the side) Jonghyun: “deng deng deng deng deng”

Taemin: “like this, taemin danced today as well!”

Brief translation credit : qyblingtastic via NINGZzhi
Via: Forever_SHINee

[Pict] Taemin with a cute dog :) @ Music Video shooting

[멜론DJ와 함께, 매일매일 만나는 샤이니 앨범 제작기 2탄 – 뮤직비디오 촬영현장편]
샤이니 태민 with 귀여운 강아지~^^

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[Pict] Taemin @ Music Video Shooting

뮤비 촬영장샤방샤방 막내 태민이~

Source: MelonDj Facebook